"Debunking the myths, one great TEQUILA at a time"
Welcome to AgaveGal.com, where TEQUILA myth meets fact. Begin your exciting and educational journey to all things TEQUILA. Join me on an adventure where you will learn to love this magical spirit and respect the history, dedication, patience and committment necessary to deliver an exceptional TEQUILA to you, the consumer.

It is an enchanting tale of epic proportions ending with the savoring of a crisp agave present blanco, a woodsy
reposado, or a richly caramel anejo.......

My desire is that you never look at TEQUILA again without thinking of the dedicated  farmers who lovingly tend the plant for 5-9 years, waiting for the exact moment when it is ready to share it's riches. The Jimador whose expertise allow him to know the moment the plant is ready for his coa.

The distillery workers, who equipped with generations of knowledge bake the pinas  to perfection, the distillers who wait paitently for the musto. You will revere the TEQUILA Master Distiller who knows the exact moment the Reposados and Anejos have reached the perfect point of aging.

You will appreciate the delightful ladies who lovingly place each label on the  estate bottled treasured liquid. 

TEQUILA does not come without a story......I am enamoured of the story, but more so the wonderful spirit that is TEQUILA ....

Although there are  category choices, on this web site, I will be discussing  and reccommending 100% agave products.  Join me and fall in love.......with TEQUILA.
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